China and United States Security Concerns

Security Issues That Can Impact The China And United States Relationship

China and the United States have widely been seen as two of the top countries in the world since the demise of the old USSR. However, the relationship between these two countries has been a little bit on the cool side ever since the Chinese country has had so many drunk driving lawyer rights violations they have been accused of. This does not mean these two countries do not have any relations at all and a couple of the relationship sticking points between these two countries comes in the form of economic competition and security. In this article, it will mainly focus on the security issues that have started to become the major area of concern for the United States as they try to approach their relationship with the awakening red giant that is called China. More on economic issues at

Fishing A Security Issue?

Well, true fishing is never a problem, but when people are fishing in chinese-military-leadersthe territorial waters of another country it can quickly become a major problem. This is what China has done in the past off of the shores of South Korea, which has set up quite a bit of panic on the side of the Korean forces. One such incident led to a somewhat tense standoff in 2011. In 2015 the problems become more complicated, see:

In the 2011 incident, the Chinese were illegally fishing off of the coast of South Korea. While this is normally not a major concern, the fishermen were confronted by the South Korean coastguard, who has a right to protect their water. However, the incident led to one of the South Korean coastguard men being killed. The Chinese apologized profusely for this incident, but it remains to be seen if the Chinese are doing what the Russians did during the Cold War and are using their fishing vessels to collect electronic information.

Garlic Battles

As was already mentioned a main sticking point between these two countries is economic problems. Well, the Chinese do not help themselves out as they decided in the early 2000s to flood the South Korean markets with garlic. This was in violation of the tariffs that were supposed to be imposed on the garlic, but when it flooded the market, it drove the price down to the point the South Korean farmers could barely make ends meat.

Taiwan Still A Sticking Point

China took Taiwan back from Great Britain several years ago, but it is still a major sticking point between the relationships that are seen as a strategic importance for the United States and China to continue to have good relationships. When China took over the Taiwanese country it was seen as being an industry leader in electronics and production of electronic goods. The Taiwanese were also operating under a capitalistic society at the time as well. The Chinese in all their good nature, decided to allow Taiwan to keep their independence, but it is still a security issue between these two countries, why you are asking?

Well, the reason why this is a security issue is the countries that have supported Taiwan want to ensure they remain a capitalistic society. This way the people of Taiwan can continue to flourish as they had been under the rule of Britain. However, it is a constant struggle to keep the Chinese from oppressing the people of Taiwan like they have to so many of their own people. So people need to realize this is a sticking point in the security between these two countries as the one side wants to ensure that Taiwan does not fall under the concept of the Communistic rule that is presently happening in mainland China.

North Korea Issues

North Korea has been a major thorn in the side of America. The policing action that was meant to stop the spread of Communism in Korea in the 50’s was pitting the North Korean forces against those of a combined South Korea and America. However, this did not lead to an end of the policing action as the war never really officially ended. The problem is China tends to back up its smaller Communist neighbor in most cases. This even includes the nuclear program that North Korea has been building up.

While China does not always support the North Korean country, it does support a lot of the policies that are present, even if it is seen as a security threat to South Korean and American interest in the region. So people need to realize this threat is present and is something that people do not want to deal with as they are going to find the issues can start to become a major issue for these two countries. Some people in positions of power speculate that China would end up coming to the aid of North Korea if they have some type of a shooting contest with the South Korean forces.

This speculation may not be unfounded as the Chinese have backed up North Korea in some respects with the missiles they have shot off. When these missiles have been shot, the world has went out to condemn the North Korean forces for their trying to goad the South Korean forces into launching a preemptive strike. However, the South Koreans were good and held themselves in check, even when the missiles that were being launched could reach Seoul.

A nuclear North Korea is something which is happening and this is one point that both the United States and China can agree on. Neither one of these two countries want to see North Korea or Iran become a nuclear power, but it is happening. The main difference is both of these superpowers are starting to put forth different ideas on how to keep North Korea and Iran both from developing the nuclear weapons that these countries feel are needed for their protection.

The difference between these countries is how they are going about to keep these two countries from gaining a nuclear arsenal. The United States is going the political and economic route by introducing sanctions on these two countries that are meant to penalize them for furthering their nuclear programs. However, the Chinese have went about it in a different route and that is by discouraging the development of these missiles, without really doing much in the way of sanctions to help contain the development.


Japan has been rattled lately by the way the Chinese have been mongering on the seas. In fact, China has performed several war games in the South China Sea that has set the little island nation on edge at times. While China claims to have no interest in mainland Japan, they have been seen staking claims on some of the outlying islands of Japan. These islands have been used in the past for observation posts and listening areas, but now are not really used that much.

For the United States this is seen as a major threat to the security of the region. Japan is one of the main allies the United States has in the region and is one of the reasons why the United States keeps troops posted in the region. However, the threats so far have been empty, but it is starting to come at a more common pace occurrence and this can easily lead to the Japanese, American, or Chinese forces making a mistake and taking a action that was meant to be peaceful in nature as threatening. This simple little action can easily lead to people taking the wrong turn and starting a firing war over a mistake.

To make matters worse, the United States has pledged to protect their allies in Asia, mainly South Korea and Japan. Both of these countries have been threatened in the past by China and these threats, while typically empty in nature can easily lead to people taking them real or even worse lead to an escalation in the talk that is happening between these two nations.

The talks are generally peaceful in nature, but it could break down over time. When the talks to break down, it is possible for one side or the other to push the other to far. Then people will start to see a development of the Chinese people they never want to see and that would be the mobilization of the war machine.

US Dependence On China For Weapons

Technology is a great way to improve the defenses of a country and the weapons. However, what most people do not realize is that while China does manufacture most of the items in the world today, they also have the rare resources that are required to make the products. This even includes some of the computer products the weapons systems the United States has developed. So a war between China and the United States could easily break down as the Chinese could cut off the supply of these rare materials to the Americans, which could lead to America losing some of its main resources to manufacture the weapons they need to protect themselves and produce any type of offensive action.

Nuclear Arsenals

China is a nuclear country, which is a widely known fact. However, the United States is also a nuclear country and both of these countries have a stock pile of nuclear weapons that if used could ensure the destruction of most of the world. To this end, the Chinese government has been pressuring both the American and Russian government to continue to remove the nuclear weapons from their arsenal. While both of these countries have been removing the nuclear weapons from their arsenal, it remains to be seen if they are doing so at a fast enough pace. Since this is the case, the Chinese government has started to continue to put pressure on these two respective governments to continue to dismantle their arsenals.

Development Of Weapons In America

Lets face it, when it comes to developing weapons that are used for defense America is one of the top nations at doing this. The problem is the weapons that America is developing may be seen as a security threat for some of the countries they have developed them for. You can think back to the Poland missile defense shield installation done by America if you want to learn more about this topic. However, a couple of weapons have really become a major sticking point between the relationships of these two countries.

Hypersonic non nuclear weapons is a major concern for the Chinese. These weapons will break the sound barrier and will take the weapons from being something that normally can be intercepted by jets, unless shot multiples at a time to something that the jets can watch fly by them and not be able to catch up to. This type of missile has been developed by America recently and even without a nuclear weapon on the tip, it can still cause quite a bit of damage and arrive well before anyone even knows the missile is en route.

A concern for the American security is the development of anti-satellite technology by the Chinese government. This technology is meant to keep the American spy arm in check and keep them from being able to intercept the information between the high command in China to the ground troops or ships. Either way, this is seen as a security concern by the American government and one they would like to see prevented from being developed.

While a lot of talk has been going on between the United States and China not all of the talk has been about the economies of these two countries and how reliant they have become on each other. In fact, some of the talk has even revolved around the security issues these two countries have with each other. This has led to the countries having to talk with each other to resolve these issues or come to an agreement on what is going to be seen as the limit that is set.

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